WTFF2 Photos

IMG_1275A storytelling by all the images of the second edition of  Working Title Film Festival.

We recall all WTFF2 events, from the launch of the crowdfunding campaign on the 17th February to the Award Ceremony on the 1st May 2017.

Many photos have been made by LeStraniere, some by Marina Resta, Regina Khanipova, Akiyo Fujimura, Taro Imai, Joyce Sando, Thanos Psichogios, Chiara Spadaro.

Crowdfunding campaign launch and promoting events: 17th February 2017 at Al Barco, 21st February 2017 at SpazioNadir, 13rd April 2017 at Pane Quotidiano

20th Aprile 2017: Press Conference

27th April 2017: Debate “Platforms. How web platforms and web have been changing the works’ forms”, film Maquinaria Panamericana at Cinema Primavera

28th April 2017: Debate “Asylum seekers, refugees & work” at Polo Giovani B55, screenings and Q&A with the guests Razi Mohebi e Soheila Javaheri at Cinema Primavera

29th April 2017: Touristic tour through the old town centre with the guests, screenings and Q&A with the guests at Cinema Primavera, WTFF Party with dj Entalpia at Exworks

30th April 2017: screenings and Q&A with the guests at Cinema Primavera

1st May 2017: Interviewed by TgR Veneto’s troupe, screenings and Q&A with the guests at Cinema Primavera

The award ceremony on the 1st May 2017

2nd May 2017:  greetings

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