I work therefore I am european: conference on the Metamorphosis of Labour in Brussels

Copertina I work therefore I am

One of the Working Title Film Festival’s goal is to think on the representation of the contemporary Labour. This is the reason why we’re very proud to be partner of  I Work Therefore I am (European), a  Jean Monnet project, funded by the European Union in the frame of  Erasmus + programs, promoted by the University of Torino and by Labont, the Laboratory of Ontology, a research centre of the Department of Philosophy, University of Torino chaired by Maurizio Ferraris and directed by Tiziana Andina.

The international Conference I work therefore I am european. Metamorphosis of labour: Social Identity, Mobilization, Integration, Representation will take place in Brussels from the 9th to the 11th November 2017.  Journalists, researchers, philosophers, Academics of Literature and Film Studies will analyze the labour, T in light of the transformation of European identity and of its interaction with the latest social, economic and political trends such as the deindustrialization, the pervasive enlargement of markets, the  digitalization and virtual relationships, social polarization and migratory fluxes.

Speakers and participants:
Emiliano Acosta (Vrije University of Bruxelles), Tiziana Andina (University of Torino), Gabriele Bischoff (EESC), Roberto Ciccarelli (Journalist at Il Manifesto), Silvia Contarini (University of Paris Nanterre), Rocco Cangelosi (CIME), Georges Dassis (EESC), Virgilio Dastoli (CIME), Marc De Vos (University of Ghent), Filip Dorssemont (University of Louvain), Maurizio Ferraris (University of Torino), Monica Jansen (University of Utrecht), Jean Lapeyre (Collège d’Europe – to be confirmed), Mara Santi (University of Ghent), Morag Shiach (Queen Mary University of London), Elly Schlein (European Parliament), Richard Sennett (LSE, NYU), Enrico Terrone (FMSH), Massimiliano Tortora (University of Torino), Gertrudis Van de Vijver (University of Ghent), Luca Visentini (European Trade Union Confederation).

Angela Condello (University of Roma Tre and University of Torino), Tiziano Toracca (University of Torino)

Below you find the Conference’s program. All the details are on the project’s official web site: www.iworkthereforeiam.eu

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