WTFF4: all the photos

All the photos of Working Title Film Festival 4, by Ilaria Trees Meridio and Chiara Faggionato.

Presentation of the programme of Working Title Film Festival 4 at Mostra del Cinema di Venezia, September 1, 2019. Photos by Chiara Faggionato.

Inauguration: “La dissolvenza del lavoro” with Emanuele Di Nicola at Bottega Faustino, Vicenza, October 1, 2019. Photos by Ilaria Trees Meridio.

Screenings and Q&A in Sala Lampertico, Cinema Odeon, October 2, 2019. With the directors Matteo Ninni, Jorge López Navarrete, Marco Zuin and Claudia Cipriani. Photos by Ilaria Trees Meridio.

Screenings and Q&A in Sala Lampertico, Cinema Odeon, October 3, 2019. With the directors Xenia Sigalova, Hannah Weissenborn (in video), Francesca Bertin and Parsifal Reparato. And with the secretaries of Cgil Vicenza Giampaolo Zanni and of Uil Vicenza Grazia Chisin, trade unions that wirh Cisl Vicenza support the festival. Photos by Ilaria Trees Meridio.

Screenings and Q&A in Cinema Odeon, October 4, 2019. With the directors Nina de Vroome, Joost Van der Wiel and Pablo Conde, the producer Lorna Nickson Brown, the actress Grace Chilton and the production designer Joseph Nickson. Photos by Ilaria Trees Meridio.

Award ceremony of WTFF4 in Cinema Odeon, October 4, 2019. Best feature film “L’ora d’acqua” by Claudia Cipriani, special mention to “Drømmeland” by Joost Van der Wiel. Best short film “Am Cu Ce – Pride” by Hannah Weissenborn, special mention to “Hoa” by Marco Zuin. Prizes given by the jury members Ilaria Fraioli and Claudio Casazza. Photos by Ilaria Trees Meridio.

Last day of festival at Zerogloss Design Store, October 5, 2019. “Work in progress” with the producers Serena Gramizzi and Paolo De Angelis and with the directors Alessia Di Giovanni, Andrea Canova and Jeissy Trompiz. Screening of three films of the project “WTFF @ Ferrovieri”, with the director Chiara Faggionato that presented her “I diavoli dei campi”. Aperitiv “Workaholic”. Photos by Ilaria Trees Meridio.

Zerogloss Design Store, October 5, 2019. Screenings and Q&A of Extraworks section, with the directors Francesco Clerici, Maite Abella and Shubhangi Singh. The jury members of Extraworks, Ilaria Pezone and Riccardo Palladino, reward Maite Abella for the best Extraworks film, “Being and becoming”, and give a special mention for “Mitten” by Olivia Rochette and Gerard-Jan Claes, the prize is picked up by Nina de Vroome. Photos by Ilaria Trees Meridio.

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