Pouding Chômeurs / Requiem for Unemployment

Pouding Chômeurs / Requiem for Unemployment, Bruno Chouinard, Canada, 2015, 70′
Documentary | o.v.o. french, sub. italian
First European screening

Pouding Chomeurs

Neoliberal reforms introduced in 2013 in Canada have made more and more difficult to gain employment insurance benefits. Pouding Chômeurs (the original title alludes to a dessert that was created during the Great Depression in Quebec) collects interviews to seasonal workers accused by Service Canada – the state-owned company that manages the welfare bureaucracy – of defrauding the system. An ex-inspector at Service Canada reveals the subterfuges employed by the inspectors to ensnare the unemployed.

Bruno Chouinard
Bruno Chouinard (1966) is a visual artist whose works, among which No man’s land (2010), have been exhibited in Canada, Usa and Germany. He directed and produced the documentary Paolo Chimney Sweep (2012) and the piece Beasts.

Direction, Screenplay, Sound, Production Bruno Chouinard
Cinematography Bruno Chouinard, Hugo Samson
Editing Philémon Crête
Sound Editing Claude Langlois
Distribution Les Films El Gaucho
Website   www.lesfilmselgaucho.com


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