Working Title Film Festival 4: Films in Competition


International Competition – Working Title Film Festival 4

Di acqua, di fuoco e quello che resta
Matteo Ninni, 34’

Ronco rumor remoto / Rough Remote Rumble
Jorge López Navarrete, 74’

Marco Zuin, 20’

L’ora d’acqua
Claudia Cipriani, 74’

Time to change / Tempo di cambiare
Maryam Rahimi, 15’

Wir träumten vom Frühling / My Russian Spring
Xenia Sigalova, 78’

Il giardino
Francesca Bertin, 21’

Am Cu Ce – Mein ganzer Stolz / Am Cu Ce – Pride Pride
Hannah Weissenborn, 19’

El Des-blocque socialista
Jeissy Trompiz, 5’

Nimble Fingers
Parsifal Reparato, 52’

Het geluk van honden / A Dog’s Luck
Nina de Vroome, 23’

Joost Van der Wiel, 73’

La epidemia
Pablo Conde, 11’

Cold Blow Lane
Penny Andrea 72’

International Competition – Extraworks

Et in terra Pacis
Mattia Epifani, 25’

Memoria del fuego
Francesco Clerici, 6’

Yi Xiang Yu Suo / Foreign Quartiers
Rajee Samarasinghe, 15’

Being and Becoming
Maite Abella, 9’

Can you see Work?
Shubhangi Singh, 18’

Olivia Rochette, Gerard-Jan Claes, 53’

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