Roba da donne (L’arte di ricostruire se stesse)

Working title Roba da donne (L’arte di ricostruire se stesse)

Genre Fiction, Dramedy

Expected length 90′

October 5, 3 pm, Zerogloss / Exworks


A group of underemployed women, with a background of domestic abuse, decides to open a construction company. At first it is just part-time restructuring jobs, and they are generally looked at with scepticism, but then, little by little, this company becomes successful, getting its partners/friends closer and closer, healing the wounds of their souls and helping them take their lives back in their hands. Who said being a constructor worker is not “a woman’s business”?

alessia-di-giovanniDirector’s bio-filmography

Alessia Di Giovanni, born in 1979, scriptwriter for comic strips and screenwriter as well as film director, co-funded the CreativeComics studio. She has written and filmed short-films, documentary films, and two feature films.

The short-films include: Questione di corna, produced by SkyCinema with Marco Silvestri and Jessica Polsky and music by Banda Osiris, and A cuore aperto with Carlo Lucarelli.

Her documentary films include: In Cerca about the side project of Xabier Iriondo with Ritmo Tribale, and Lavoratrici about women and violence on the workplace, which was published on the website of D di Repubblica.

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