De Hoeder / The Shepherd

De Hoeder / The Shepherd, Joost van der Wiel, Netherland, 2016, 22′
Documentary | o.v. dutch, sub. italian
First italian screening

De Hoeder

Health insurers are putting pressure on general practitioner Nico van Hasselt (92 years old) to adapt his old-fashioned method to modern society, but he refuses to abandon his vulnerable patients.

Joost van der Wiel – UNDER 35
Joost van der Wiel (1983) graduated in 2010 from the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam with his award winning documentary Soles of Ethiopia.

Direction, Screenplay Joost Van der Wiel
Cinematography Rogier Timmermans
Sound Bram Boers
Editing Ralf Verbeek
Cast Nico van Hasselt
Production Wout Conijn for Conijn Film