Cinema Primavera

Cinema Primavera was founded in 1966 as the first activity of the parish church of Santa Bertilla, in the West area of Vicenza. Today the theatre has got 330 seats and it’s equipped wih a digital HD projector and a Dolby Stereo DIGITAL/SR CP500-d audio system.
[ Address: via Ozanam 11, Vicenza | Website | From train station, take bus 5 from viale Roma to via Legione Antonini, 8 stops ]


A place of work for visual artists, designer, photographs, branding and fashion professionals. A place for selected arts, photography and design exhibits. It was created in 2015, next to Zerogloss design store, in a former industrial space, located at the periphery of Vicenza.
[ Address: strada Pasubio 106/G, Vicenza, c/o Zerogloss design store | Website | From train station take bus 6 from piazzale della Stazione to Strada Pasubio 106, 11 stops ]

Polo giovani B55

B55 offers three multifunctional rooms, all equipped with items for film projections, thetrical and performative rehearsals, workshops, little conferences, meeting. Downstairs there are four rooms and an open space, usable for unstructured and socializing activities. The municipality of Vicenza’s Social Policy and Youth Department gave the place management to La Piccionaia – I Carrara, in cooperation with the associations Arci Servizio Civile and Meccano14.
[ Address: Contra’ Barche 55, Vicenza | Website | From train station take bus 1 from piazzale della Stazione to contra’ Piarda, 3 stops, or 10 minutes walking ]

Unione Collector

A project and a place of Tipografia Unione, a group of experts who share pratic knowledge with citizens, enthusiasts and companies.
[ Address: viale S. Agostino 470, Vicenza | Website ]