Photo galleries of Working Title Film Festival 2016

Some photos from the first edition of the Working Title Film Festival.

April 14th 2016, press conference. From left to right: Giulio Todescan (Wtff), Rosa Maria Plevano (Cinema Primavera), Marina Resta (Wtff), Andrea Dori (Exworks). Photo by Davide Primucci.
April 26th 2016, inauguration at Unione Collector. Photo by Jessica Speziale.
April 27th 2016, Francesco Clerici at Cinema Primavera. Photo by Jessica Speziale.
Aprile 28th 2016. Matinée for schools at Cinema Primavera with Francesco Clerici, Marina Resta and Giulio Todescan; “Freelance May Day” debate at Polo Giovani B55; at Cinema Primavera with Pietro de Tilla and Elvio Manuzzi. Photo by Jessica Speziale and Marina Resta.
April 29th 2016. Cinema Primavera, matinée with Pietro de Tilla and Elvio Manuzzi; in the afternoon with Marina Resta and Giulio Todescan, Alex Gerbaulet and Ines Meier with Giulia Galvan; in the evening Elisabetta Sgarbi and the cast of Colpa di comunismo. Photos by Jessica Speziale and Marina Resta.
April 30th 2016. At Exworks, Jonathan Zenti plays a live version of audiodoc I Ritornanti. Photo by Marina Resta.
May 1st 2016. At Cinema Primavera, Carlo Bassetti and Pier Mauro Tamburini of La Buoncostume. Photo by Jessica Speziale.