8:30, Laura Nasmyth & Philip Leitner, Austria, 2017, 70′
Fiction, Dystopian, Experimental, o.v. English, German, Spanish, Italian, Serbian-Croatian, subtitles English

April 30th, 2018, 9 pm, Ridotto del Teatro Comunale di Vicenza – Regional Premiere

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A group of door-to-door salesmen takes the train to a mysterious suburb. One of them suddenly finds himself in what seems to be an infinite loop, as he continuously returns to the same train station over and over again. 8:30 is a satirical gag about urban alienation, capitalism, and Google Street View, the weirdness of suburbia, and the blurring lines between reality and fiction in the digital age.

Directors’ bio-filmographies

Laura Nasmyth was born in the UK, and studied at the Glasgow School of Art before moving to Vienna in 2009, where she now works. She performs various occupations, working as a Production designer, artist, and filmmaker.

Philip Leitner studied with Harun Farocki at the Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna, and works as a filmmaker, musician and visual artist.


Directors and Screenplay Laura Nasmyth & Philip Leitner

Cinematography Mario Minichmayr

Sound Daniel Lercher, David Schweighart

Editing Thomas Schneider, Laura Nasmyth

Sound Editing Bernhard Zorzi

Music David Schweighart

Cast Florian Nolden, Doris Hess, Stefan Ried, Patrik Topitschnig, Angelica Castello, Susanne Toth, Dennis Karalic, Betty Semper, Gordon Catlin, Michelle Pauty, Julia Stipsits, Miriam Fontaine, Jonas Ferfele, Johanna Konig, Anela Fajic, Michael Altmutter, Desiree Schloffer, Slim Fillmore, Klaus Kubo, Thomas Hold, Orlando Suss, Verena Spiesz

Producer Ioanes H. Sinderman

Production White Trash Production, Filmagio Cine Produktion

Distribution aug&ohr medien

Festival (selection) Festival Cine Talca (Best Film), Portoviejo Film Festival (Best Experimental film), International Permanent Memories Festival (Best surreal Film), East End Film Festival, Fest – New Directors Film Festival, Jagran Film Festival, Five Continents, Int’l Film Festival (Mention), Unabhängige Osnabrück, Vancouver Alternative Festival, Sacramento Film & Arts Festival (Best Experimental Film)

Website http://augohr.de/catalogue/8_30 |  http://www.lauranasmyth.com/

Social media https://www.facebook.com/830TheMovie/

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