Curtain Calling

Curtain Calling, Museo Wunderkammer, Italy, Slovenia, 2017, 5′
Video Performance, no dialogues

April 28th, 2018, 9 pm, Exworks – Italian Premiere


Curtain calling
Curtain Calling

Curtain calling is a video performance created out of a research on the theme of After Utopia in Trbvolje, a former coal mining town in Slovenia, with the cultural workers of the area. The video, shot in the cultural centre Delavsky Dom, on the biggest rotating stage in the nation, wishes to tell, in a symbolic way, about the relationship between the cultural industry, which the city aspires to access, and its workforce, between precariousness and the explosion of subjectivity.

Directors’ bio-filmography
Museo Wunderkammer is an artistic collective founded in Trento in 2014 by Giusi Campisi and Luca Bertoldi.


Director, Screenplay, Sound Museo Wunderkammer

Cinematography Juliane Biasi Hendel, Locument

Editing, Sound Editing Gabriele Borghi

Cast Delavsky Dom

Production BIO 25 Faraway so close Biennale of Design Ljubljana

Festival BIO 25 Faraway so close Biennale of Design Ljubljana


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