Esseri, Tommaso Donati, Italy, Switzerland, 2017, 16′
Experimental Documentary no dialogues

April 28th, 2018, 9 pm, Exworks – Regional Premiere



The movement of the animal in the air is not a flight, but a random and uncertain twirling, which seems performed in a menacing way. An animal that, like a bat, is half a quadruped and half a volatile, and that is actually neither of both. It is, so to say, a monster.

Director’s bio-filmography
Tommaso Donati (1988) lives and works in Lugano. In 2013 he graduated from École internationale de création audiovisuelle et de réalisation (EICAR) in Paris. His work ranges from cinematography, documentary to experimental cinema. His recurring topics are the relationships between humans, animals and the space-nature where they live. Among his works: Faim (2015), Dormiente (2016), A Song from the Future (2017).


Director, Cinematography, Editing, Producer, Distributor Tommaso Donati

Sound Tommaso Donati, Radiana Basso

Sound Editing Massimo Mariani, Tommaso Barbaro

Cast Rob Van Der Es, Manuela Manni

Festival Torino Film Festival