The Mount of Ants

Il monte delle formiche / The Mount of Ants, Riccardo Palladino, Italy, 2017, 63′
Documentary, o.v. Italian, French, German, subtitles English

April 30th, 2018, 7 pm, Ridotto del Teatro Comunale di Vicenza – Regional Premiere

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Il monte delle formiche
Il monte delle formiche

The Mount of Ants in the Bologna Apennines is named after a peculiar phenomenon which has happened for centuries every year on the 8th of September. Every year swarms of winged ants arrive at the Mount of Ants and mate in a wonderful flight followed by the death of all the males, which fall exhausted in the yard of the church on the mountain top, a place of pilgrimage. The film, a powerfully poetic documentary, questions the nature of these tiny insects, a symbol of hard-work, and questions human beings, as well.

Director’s bio-filmography

Riccardo Palladino (1982) studied at Dams in Bologna. He works as a filmmaker, has written several essays on cinema and has been teaching cinematographic language in various Italian schools. He curated the cinematography for Daniele Segre’s Vestiti di vita (2004). His first medium-length documentary Brasimone (2014) was selected for the competition at Visions du Réel, at the Bellaria Film Festival (Gianni Volpi Award), at Visioni Fuori Raccordo (special mention).


Director and Screenplay Riccardo Palladino

Cinematography Eugenio Barzaghi

Sound Marco Neri

Editing Riccardo Palladino, Carlotta Cristiani

Sound Editing Alessandro Quaglio, Marco Falloni

Music Benedettea Gelati, Miguel Negrao, Dave Seidel

Cast Franca Maurizzi

Production Cameramano, Minollo Film, Rai Cinema

Festival Locarno Festival, Mar De Plata, Annecy Cinema Italien, Filmmaker Fest, Documentaria Noto

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