Oosteroever / East Shore

Oosteroever / East Shore, Quinten Wyns, Belgium, 2017, 23′
Documentary, o.v. Dutch, subtitles Italian

May 1st, 2018, 7 pm, Ridotto del Teatro Comunale di Vicenza – Italian Premiere

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Oosteroever, East Shore, is an Ostend neighbourhood where the fishermen live: they weave nets, play cards, kill time. This is where the protagonist, Maxim Verleesne, hangs around, when he isn’t at sea to work. Now this suburb is about to be demolished: high, white residential blocks are rising up instead. The fishermen go on with their lives, with irony and disillusionment.

Director’s bio-filmography

Quinten Wyns (1991) graduated from KASK / School of Arts Gent in 2017 and Oosteroever is his thesis film. A member of the board of directors, he is involved in Cinemaximiliaan, a non-profit organisation bringing film evening events to refugee shelters around Brussels and Belgium. As an editor, he collaborates with the website Sabzian.be and with Monokino in Ostend.

Director, Screenplay and Cinematography Quinten Wyns

Sound Elke Mahieu

Editing Quinten Wyns, Elias Grootaers

Sound Editing Nina De Vroome

Cast Marnix Verleene, Carine Ulin, Brian Maes

Festival Filmer à tout prix, Filmfestival Oostende