Sand, Arjan Brentjes, The Netherlands, 2017, 4′
Animation, o.v. English subtitles Italian

April 30th, 2018, 9 pm, Ridotto del Teatro Comunale di Vicenza – Italian Premiere

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You get up at five, eat your vitamins, have some water with your coffee, work for a few hours, eat your omegas and flavonoids, work a little more, get some exercise and then take a shower. But don’t bother trying to wash the sand out of your hair. Dystopian animation short film in a Sixties’ mood.

Director’s Bio-filmography

Arjan Brentjes (1971) is a Dutch artist. He has made a number of animated short films, inspired by the iconic style of the films of the past, but talking about the future. His latest animated short films, presented with awards all over the world, are Hybris and Tempo.


Director, Screenplay, Animation, Sound, Editing, Music and Producer Arjan Brentjes

Cast Bart van der Schaaf (voice)

Festival (selection) RAW Science Film Festival (Best Short Film), Ouchy Award (Best Animation Film), Duch Film Festival (Nomination Short Film Category), Bucharest Shortcut Cinefest (Best Animation Film), Warsaw Film Festival, Braunschweig International Film Fest, Klik Amsterdam Animation Festival, Anima Brussels, FICPA Colombia, Les Sommets du cinéma d’animation Canada