Can you see Work?

Can You See Work?, Shubhangi Singh, Finland, India, 2018, 18’
Experimental Documentary, o.v. English, Italian subtitles

October 5, 2019, 9.30 Pm, Zerogloss / Exworks


Looking into the fragile relationship between art and labour through the act of loitering, through non-work and wandering about. Can you see Work? is a research into the politics of labour versus productivity through the practices of refusal of work as a form of dissent and passivity as an active form of resistance.

Director’s bio-filmography
Living between Mumbai and Sydney, Shubhangi Singh (1984) is a visual artist and film-maker who investigates the entropic culture we currently exist in and attempts to observe the socio-political impact of individuals as a powerful influencing force.
Her works have been shown at the Whitechapel Gallery (London) and at Third Space (Helsinki), amongst others. She is currently undertaking a master’s degree programme in Visual Arts at Aalto University in Helsinki.


Direction and Cinematography Shubhangi Singh

Screenplay collaborative