Cold Blow Lane

Cold Blow Lane, Penny Andrea, United Kingdom, 2019, 71’
Fiction, Noir, Experimental, o.v. English, Italians subtitles

October 4, 2019, 9.30 Pm, Cinema Odeon


Mary Henry (Grace Chilton) is a city urchin, struggling to make ends meet working for a crime ring run by sinister pragmatist Mademoiselle (Susan Lynch). Home life is no easier, trapped in a one-bed and a battle of wits with her ambitious boyfriend, Mr X. Soon, Mary finds she must piece together a way out of London before she runs out of luck. A metaphor of power and survival in the flourishing neo-liberal kingdom of modern day London.

Director’s bio-filmography
Penny Andrea (1990) is a British artist and filmmaker. She studied Fine Art at Oxford University and De Ateliers, Amsterdam. She has assisted artist filmmakers Daria Martin, Runa Islam and John Walter, and her own video installations were shown in group exhibitions throughout Europe. Cold Blow Lane is her first feature film.


Direction and Screenplay Penny Andrea

Cinematography Poppy Illsley, Ryan Kernaghan, James Stoneley

Production Design and Sound Editing Joseph Nickson

Sound Jordan Lewis

Editing Luke Wasylkiw

Music Joaquín Luis, Agustín Miglierini and Iván Solomonoff

Cast Susan Lynch, Grace Chilton, Ken Nwosu, Adam El Hagar

Production Swamp Light Productions

Produced in association with Blue Shadows Films

Producer Lorna Nickson Brown

Executive Producer Merlin Merton