Autumn of Socialist Nation (the collapse of the Sovietic Union)

El Des-bloque socialista, Jeissy Trompiz, Cuba, Venezuela, Spain, 2019, 5’
Documentary, o.v. Spanish, Czech, Italian subtitles

October 3, 2019, 9.30 Pm, Cinema Odeon – Sala Lampertico


Roberto, a Cuban man, went to study in Czechoslovakia, today the Czech Republic, to specialize in automotive assembly and work in a car factory. But when he went back to Cuba, the socialist bloc fell and his dreams got lost in time.

Director’s bio-filmography
Jeissy Trompiz (Venezuela, 1986) holds a Film-making and Scriptwriting degree from the Escuela Internacional de cine y Tv, Cuba (Eictv). His short films have been screened in several festivals. His feature film La Imagen del Tiempo (Timeless Havana) has been selected by FID Marseille 2019. He’s currently working on the short film I Suoni del tempo, an Italian-Cuban-Venezuelan co-production (Premio Zavattini 2018 for development projects with archive films).

Direction and Screenplay Jeissy Trompiz

Cinematography Laura Sanz

Sound Jeissy Trompiz, Laura Sanz

Editing Jeissy Trompiz

Cast Roberto Calero

Production and distribution Jeissy Trompiz, Laura Sanz