Il giardino

Il giardino, Francesca Bertin, Italy, Germany, 2018, 21’
Documentary, o.v. Italian, English subtitles

October 3, 2019, 9.30 Pm, Cinema Odeon – Sala Lampertico


A slum in the torrid heat of an Italian summer. This is where the men dressed in orange live, and in their safety overalls they build a new artery road, the Pedemontana veneta highway. The rhythmic repetition of daily life is silently accepted. Not far away, a garden offers shelter in the anthropized landscape.

Director’s bio-filmography
After studying Law, Francesca Bertin (1985, Castelfranco Veneto) attended the Professional Master Class at Werkleitz Society in 2014 at Halle (Saale). She lives in Hamburg, where she is about to complete her master’s degree in Visual communication at the Academy of Fine Arts and she collaborates with the documentary film festival Dokumentarfilmwoche Hamburg.

Direction and Screenplay Francesca Bertin

Cinematography Leonhard Kaufmann

Sound Julius Kaufmann

Editing Francesca Bertin, Leonhard Kaufmann, Moritz Poth

Sound Editing Tim Elzer