L’ora d’acqua/ A breath of water

A breath of water, Claudia Cipriani, Italy, 2018, 72’
Documentary, o.v. Italian, English subtitles

October 2, 2019, 9.30 Pm, Cinema Odeon – Sala Lampertico


Mauro is a diver who works at great depths under oil rigs. To do so he has to breathe helium and live in a hyperbaric chamber of 8 square meters for most of the year. At a certain point Mauro realizes that he is fed up with life on the rigs and tries to make his childhood dream come true: recover sunken ships. The cumbersome and tragic semi-scuttled silhouette of the Costa Concordia ship stands out against everything.

Director’s bio-filmography
Claudia Cipriani holds a degree in Philosophy and a Diploma at the Milan Civica Scuola di Cinema as a Filmmaker. She is a professional journalist and worked for several newspapers and magazines before turning to directing as a freelancer and for a few tv channels. She shot music videos, social commercials, photo-reporting and documentary films, among which Lasciando la Baia del Re (2011), shortlisted as best documentary film at the David di Donatello awards.


Direction, Screenplay and Editing Claudia Cipriani

Cinematography Claudia Cipriani, Mauro Deiana, Niccolò Volpati

Sound Editing Massimo Parretti

Production Ghiro Film

Distribution Movieday

Website www.ghirofilm.it