Behind The Shutters

Derrière les volets / Behind The Shutters, Messaline Raverdy, Belgium, 2018, 50’
Documentary, o.v. French, Italian & English subtitles

WTFF5 – International Competition Feature Films

Derrière les volets

Starting with an empty factory, a family name and a trunk of archives, the poetic stroll of an apprentice filmmaker who moves in her grandmother’s house while expecting her first child. A film-book, woven of scattered materials, archival documents and language games, wondering about the transformation of the female body, the question of an impossible transmission and the fabric of time.

Director’s bio-filmography
Messaline Raverdy (1986), after studying philosophy, literature, and visual arts in Paris and Brussels, experimented with different image materials, between video and film. Behind the Shutters is her first documentary film.


Directed by Messaline Raverdy
Screenplay Messaline Raverdy
DOP Olivier Dekegel
Sound Messaline Raverdy
Editing Rudi Maerten, Ivanne de Cannart
Sound Editing Rudi Maerten
Music Hilde Nash
Production Atelier Molloy
Distribution CBA