Rain, Piotr Milczarek, Poland, 2019, 5’
Animation, o.v. no dialogues

WTFF5 – International Competition Extraworks


A corporate tragicomedy about collective consciousness in the workplace and in social life. The lack of accountability for our actions pushes us so thoughtlessly to follow the crowd, which may lead to tragedy.

Director’s bio-filmography
Piotr Milczarek (1977) was born and lives in Łodź. He studied animation and special effects at the Łodź Film School, where he is currently working as an assistant.


Directed by Piotr Milczarek
Screenpaly Piotr Milczarek
DOP Kacper Zamarło
Sound Błażej Kafarski
Editing Mariusz Kuś
Sound Editing Błażej Kafarski
Production Fumi Studio
Distribution Fumi Studio
Website www.fumistudio.com