Fortissimo, Janine Piguet, Switzerland, 2019, 21’
Fiction, o.v. French, Italian & English subtitles

WTFF5 – International Competition Short Films +


A pianist arrives in her new flat. But as soon as she rehearses, her neighbour tries everything possible to stop her from playing. The reason: she hates classical music. Soon enough, a sound war starts between the two women, very rapidly involving everyone in the building as well as the police.

Director’s bio-filmography
Janine Piguet (1980) is an actress, scriptwriter and newly, a director. In 2019 she was nominated for the Swiss Film Award as best producer for Bacha Posh, directed by Katia Scarton-Kim, and acted in the main part of Jean- François Amiguet’s latest feature film with Bernard Verley as a co-actor. She has also worked as a scriptwriter for Francis Reusser. Her first film as a director, Jusqu’Aux Etoiles, won 4 festival awards.


Directed by Janine Piguet
Screenplay Janine Piguet
DOP Thierry Pradervand
Sound Mitch Gasser
Editing Julie Quintard
Sound Design Mitch Gasser
Music Rachmaninov, Grieg, Mozart, Impro by Hyung Jun Lim, Voxset
Cast Janine Piguet, Laure Balon, Francis Coffinet
Production InRed Production
Distribution aug&ohr