Our Lucky Hours

Les Heures heureuses / Our Lucky Hours, Martine Deyres, France, Switzerland, Belgium, 2019, 77′
Documentary, o.v. French, Italian & English subtitles

WTFF5 – International Competition Feature Films

Les heures heureuses

During the Second World War, 45,000 psychiatric patients perished in French hospitals. Only one facility survived this decimation. At the Saint-Alban asylum, the daily routine of an institution was reinvented. Political courage and poetic audacity changed perceptions of madness. Using film archives that had been forgotten in the hospital, this film immerses us in the intensity of the transformation, which went on for several decades.

Director’s bio-filmography
Born in Lyon in 1972, Martine Deyres first studied Theatre Studies and was an actress before moving on to documentary filmmaking. Trained at the Varan Workshops, then at Lussas, she directed Lieu commun (2003), and later on White Spirit (2006). While working on the preparation of Les Heures heureuses, she met the famous psychiatrist Jean Oury with whom she made the documentary film Le Sous-bois des insensés (2015).


Directed by Martine Deyres
Screenplay Anne Paschetta
DOP Jean-Christophe Beauvallet, Dino Berguglia, Antoine-Marie Meert
Sound Olivier Hespel, Marianne Roussy, Olivier Schwob
Editing Philippe Boucq, Catherine Catella, Martine Deyres
Music Olivier Brisson, Nicola Marinoni
Production Alexandre Cornu, Les Films du Tambour de Soie
Distribution Sweet Spot Docs, Lightdox
Website www.sweetspotdocs.com/our-lucky-hours , https://lightdox.com/