Mezzo forte!

Mezzo forte!, Eugen Dediu, Romania, 2019, 22’
Fiction, o.v. Romanian, Italian & English subtitles

WTFF5 – International Competition Short Films +

Mezzo Forte!

In a remote village in the Romanian countryside, an ageing music teacher sees his dreams of becoming a conductor nearly fulfilled when is appointed for the organisation of a re-enactment of the Centennial celebration with a folkloric Roma band. His passion for music and his desire for an audience will determine him to keep going with the concert, even if it means succumbing to a bitter disappointment.

Director’s bio-filmography
Eugen Dediu (1996) is a film director from Bucharest, Romania, with a background in classical music. He is specialised in both fiction and documentary filmmaking. In 2019 his short film New World Symphony was one of the five winners of the #EUandME contest for young directors, financed by the European Union.


Directed by Eugen Dediu
Screenplay Eugen Dediu
DOP Rareș Dima
Sound Claudiu Mărginean
Editing Sabin Filip
Sound Editing Claudiu Mărginean
Music Taraf de Bucharest
Cast Dan Condurache, Marina Fluerașu, Adrian Titieni, Gicu Petrache, Ghiță Coadă, Ion Cinoi, Gheorghe Răducanu, Niculae Dumitru, Vladimir Porojan, Matei Moraru, Rareș Tudor
Production Dumitrana Lupu