Sponsored by Lebanon

Sponsored By Lebanon, Ashraf Mtaweh, Lebanon, 2019, 51’
Mockumentary, o.v. Arabic, Italian & English subtitles

WTFF5 – International Competition Extraworks

Sponsored By Lebanon

Upon arrival in Lebanon, every migrant domestic worker faces different violations. This film recreates the universe they delve into, from a critical but satirical angle. The film is based on a detailed research produced by ALEF – Act for Human Rights, a Lebanese NGO, on the migrant domestic workers’ situations and all judicial, governmental and regulatory factors surrounding them.

Director’s bio-filmography
Ashraf Mtaweh (1985) is a Lebanese artist and filmmaker. He holds a BS in Computer Sciences and a BA in Cinema Studies. He was introduced to theatre at a young age. He has written, directed and produced several short fiction and documentary films, corporate videos, commercials, TV shows, a radio show and a TV series. In addition, he has participated in group exhibitions with video installations and photography projects.


Directed by Ashraf Mtaweh
Screenplay Ashraf Mtaweh
DOP Jihad Saade
Sound Ramzi Khoury
Editing Ashraf Mtaweh
Sound Editing Ramzi Khoury
Cast Younes Abu Khzam, Hussein Hijazi, Maher Deeb, Tsahay Bayassa, Ronald Nassim, Rola Ghosh, Carolina Allam, Maria Sikias, Brenda Boustany, Alex Moutran, Hany Taghloubi, Richard Audicho, Elias Absi, Farah Mtaweh, Raffi Feghali, George Maalouli, Firas Hamiyyi, Leyla Abu Habib
Production Oven Film Collective
Website vimeo.com/ashrafmtaweh