Waithood, Louisiana Mees Fongang, Belgium, Greece, 2019, 22’
Fiction, o.v. Greek, Italian & English subtitles

WTFF5 – International Competition Short Films +


Athens 2019: 44% of youth is unemployed, a generation lost in no man’s land, wandering outside of the classroom and the labor market. Five youngsters seek entertainment in the luxurious Airbnb’s that one of them is cleaning for a meager fee. They look out over a city in turmoil, daydreaming about a world of possibilities.

Director’s bio-filmography
Louisiana Mees Fongang (1994) is a Belgian director and writer. In 2019 she graduated at the KASK School of Arts Gent with her first short film Waithood, which won the VAF-Wild Card at the Leuven International Short Film Festival. Besides studying International Politics and working as a documentary filmmaker for journalistic production house Sonderland, she is writing her first feature Rap n Race.


Directed by Louisiana Mees Fongang
Screenplay Louisiana Mees Fongang
DOP Louisiana Mees Fongang
Sound Valentin Mazingarbe
Editing Valentin Mazingarbe
Sound Design Michel Coquette
Music Jaume Villalonga
Cast Jacques Simha, Viky Maidanoglou, Xristous Kavallaris, Yannis Sanidas, Maro Tsibliara
Production Louisiana Mees Fongang, Jacques Simha
Distribution aug&ohr
Website augohr.de