La distanza

WTFF6 – Feature Films & Medium-length Films Competition

By ENECEfilm
Italy, 2021, 51’
o.v. Italian, English subtitles

May 11, 2022, 9 PM, Cinema Odeon – Nuova Sala Lampertico – online tickets

La distanza

Synopsis A family of nomadic shepherds for generations moves in the anthropized area of the lower Po valley, hidden from view. They are the performers of an ancient work that survives among the ruins of the modern agri-food civilization and which economically depends on the most controversial results of globalization. Indissoluble family ties between marginal landscapes and primitive violence.

Directors’ bio-filmography Enece Film is a collective that operates in Milan since 2012. The team constantly investigates the shades between reality and its representation with audiovisual projects, installations, performances, experimental films, documentaries and ethnographic researches. Enece creates its own works and supports projects from authors outside the group.


Directed by ENECEfilm
Screenplay ENECEfilm
DOP Pietro De Tilla, Tommaso Perfetti
Sound Giulia La Marca, Elvio Manuzzi
Editing Guglielmo Trupia
Sound Editing Giulia La Marca
Cast Luca Carminati, Gianmichele Carminati, Alessandra Boniotti, Michele Carminati, Lionel (Giovanni) Unguriannonen
Production ENECEfilm, AESS Lombardia
Distribution ENECEfilm