Le buone maniere

WTFF6 – Short Films Competition

By Valerio Vestoso
Italy, 2021, 19’
o.v. Italian, English subtitles

May 11, 2022, 11 PM, Cinema Odeon – Nuova Sala Lampertico – online tickets

Le buone maniere

Synopsis Mimmo Savarese, 50 years old, was the greatest sports commentator of his generation. Now that his career is in decline, he could make a comeback thanks to an unusual job offer, which hides the opportunity to avenge a dramatic wrong suffered as a child. He will succeed in retaliating against life with the talent he wields best: the exercise of words. With a cameo of the comedian Frank Matano.

Director’s bio-filmography Valerio Vestoso (Benevento, 1987) in 2009 wrote Erennio Decimo Lavativo, a theatrical comedy directed by Ugo Gregoretti, and then he landed on the world of cinema with the mockumentary Tacco 12, which was presented with over 40 awards. In 2016 he won the Premio Solinas – Bottega delle Serie with the screenplay Flash. He is among the authors of the TV programme Una pezza di Lundini.


Directed by Valerio Vestoso
Screenplay Valerio Vestoso
DOP Ivan Forestiere
Sound Giorgio Durantino
Editing Valerio Vestoso
Cast Giovanni Esposito, Gino Rivieccio, Claudio Crisafulli, Frank Matano
Production Capetown, Ministero della Cultura, Regione Campania Film Commission, Nuovo Imaie, Mosaicon srl, Terranera srl
Website capetownfilm.org/short-films/le-buone-maniere