Lili Alone

WTFF6 – Short Films Competition

By Zou Jing
China, Hong Kong, Singapore, 2021, 22’
o.v. Mandarin, Italian subtitles

Italian Premiere

May 10, 2022, 11 PM, Cinema Odeon – Nuova Sala Lampertico – online tickets

Lili Alone

Synopsis Lili, a young mother, lives with her gambler husband in a remote part of the Chinese province of Sichuan. Lonely and poor, she heads for the city in a bid to earn enough money to save her dying father.

Director’s bio-filmography Zou Jing (1984), a Chinese director and writer based out of Shanghai and Los Angeles, began working at Shanghai International TV station. Her documentary on China’s animation scene The Beginning (2012) was screened at Sydney Opera House Graphic Festival, China Institute in New York City and Shenzhen Independent Animation Biennale. Lili Alone is her first short film.


Directed by Zou Jing
Screenplay Zou Jing
DOP Liangzo
Sound Mo Huijia
Editing Hsu Yen Ching
Production Designer Xing Jun
Cast Huang Lili
Production Wang Yang, Qiu Yang
Distribution Square Eyes
Social Media Instagram: @squareeyesfilm_ / @zoujingfilms