I suoni del tempo

Working title I suoni del tempo

Genre Experimental

Expected length 15′

5 ottobre, ore 15.00, Zerogloss / Exworks


What would happen if someone had a chance to listen to the sounds of the past? According to psychophonia, sounds don’t get dispersed, but travel eternally through space. Nico is a sound engineer who is looking for the sounds of wars in another time, to be captured with a special recorder. In his search, Nico manages to capture the voice of Andrés, a soldier of the Great War, who is telling about his experience.

jeissy-trompizDirector’s bio-filmography

Jeissy Trompiz, born in Venezuela in 1986, graduated in film directing at Escuela Internacional de cine y Tv (Eictv) in Cuba. His short-films were selected by various festivals.

His feature film La Imagen del Tiempo (Timeless Havana) was shortlisted by FID Marseille 2019.

He is currently working on the short-film I Suoni del tempo, an Italian-Cuban-Venezuelan production (Premio Zavattini 2018 for the development of projects with archive films).