Who we are

Working Title Film Festival was born in Vicenza (Italy) in 2016 to give space to the best of the independent audiovisual production showing the world of work and the several topics connected to it, through original points of view and languages. The purpose is to offer visibility to not-mainstream audiovisual works and to emerging cinema, building a network between independent filmmakers and audience. The festival wants to bring a contemporary point of view on the new job’s models and conditions, highlighting not only the negative aspects, bond to precariousness, fragmentation and rights’ decrease, but also the creative opportunities.


Marina Resta – artistic direction, administrative office, hospitality, web & social media, editorial office, fundraising
Giulio Todescan – press office, web & social media, artworks, editorial office, fundraising
Andrea Dori, Alberto Dori – Exworks’ curators
Andrea Xausa – graphic design
Giulia Galvan – interpreter
Alessio Rosa, Giulio Mantia, Regina Khanipova – collaborators
Camilla Martini – photos & videos



» LIES – laboratorio dell’inchiesta economica e sociale
Since 2011 Lies has elaborated and achieved opportunities of social survey, in order to spread knowledges and practices to examine the reality, pushing it towards paths of change. It has organized workshops on survey and report opened to the citizenry and at the schools, seminars, conferences, films’ screenings and books’ presentation. In Vicenza it promoted “Laboratorio Ferrovieri. Tra l’arsenale e il Retrone, anatomia di un quartiere”(2012, www.laboratorioferrovieri.wordpress.com), in Padua, it has been the leading proponent as part of the project “L’infinito viaggiare. Storie, letture e racconti della società del migrare” (2016, www.infinitoviaggiare.it). Since 2016 it has organized Working Title Film Festival.  laboratorio.inchiesta@gmail.com
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Organizational Partners

» Teatro Comunale Città di Vicenza

Teatro Comunale Città di Vicenza was born in 2007 next to the ancient city walls. It has two theaters: Sala Maggiore with 910 seats, Sala del Ridotto with 380 seats.
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» Exworks
A place of work for visual artists, designer, photographs, branding and fashion professionals. A place for selected arts, photography and design exhibits. It was created in 2015, next to Zerogloss design store, in a former industrial space, located at the periphery of Vicenza.
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