Cinema Primavera

Cinema Primavera is in via Ozanam 11 in Vicenza: look at the map
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Films’ selection by Marina Resta

The measure of a man, Stéphane Brizé, 93′, France 2015

La Legge del mercato

At the age of 51 and after 20 months on unemployment, Thierry starts a new job that will bring him to face a moral dilemma. How much is he willing to give up, in order to keep his job? | info & trailer | Screenings: wed 27th apr 16.30 | wed 27th apr 19.00


Hand Gestures, Francesco Clerici, 77′, Italia 2015

Il gesto delle mani

Observational documentary, that follows as if it was a sensorial experience, the process of creating one of Velasco Vitali’s sculptures, from the wax to the final glaze, at Fonderia Artistica Battaglia | info & trailer | Screenings: wed 27th apr 21.00 | thu 28th apr 9.00 | thu 28th apr 19.00

Black Snow – Luigi Di Ruscio in Oslo, an italian in hell, Paolo Marzoni, Angelo Ferracuti, 57′, Italia 2014

La neve nera

A journey on the trail of a deceased friend. Angelo Ferracuti travels from Italy to Scandinavia to enter into the memories, letters and writings of the Italian poet Luigi Di Ruscio info & trailer | Screenings: thu 28th apr 16.30 | sat 30th apr 19.00


Atelier Colla, Pietro de Tilla, Guglielmo Trupia, Elvio Manuzzi, 49′, Italia 2011

Atelier Colla

Behind the scenes of one of the most famous italian puppets’ company: “Carlo Colla e Figli” | info & trailer | Screening: thu 28th apr 20.30


MPU Music production unit, Pietro de Tilla, Elvio Manuzzi, Tommaso Perfetti, 77′, Italia 2015

UPM Unità di produzione musicale

On a certain morning, in an unused industrial area of northern italy, seventytwo musicians from various walks of life and of various experiences, cultural background, age and nationality, are hired to work in a factory called “Unità di Produzione Musicale” (Music Production Unit). In a dressing room they are supplied with overalls and an i.d. numbers | scheda e trailer | Screenings: thu 28th apr 21.30 | fri 29th apr 9.00

Warm water, cold water, Marina Resta, Giulio Todescan, 56′, Italia 2015

L'acqua calda e l'acqua fredda

A journey through the North and South of Italy, present and past, told by Valbruna’s and AFP’s workers’ stories info & trailer | Screenings: thu 28th apr 9.00 | fri 29th apr 16.30 | sat 30th apr 20.30


El mostro. The daring story of Gabriele Bortolozzo, Lucio Schiavon, Salvatore Restivo, 15′, Italia 2015

El Mostro. La coraggiosa storia di Gabriele Bortolozzo

Animation short about the worker Gabriele Bortolozzo’s life and struggles for health and work in Portomarghera (Venice)info & trailer | Screening: fri 29th apr 19.00


Shift, Alex Garbaulet, 29′, Germania 2015


Schicht (Shift) is both a reckoning and a search for traces of the past. Layer by layer the film unfolds the portrait of the filmmaker’s family – brought to life by records from private archives – and embarks on a dizzying trip through the shrinking industrial city of Salzgitter, Germany | info & trailer | Screening: fri 29th apr 19.00

The Successor, Mattia Epifani, 52′, Italia 2015

Il successore

An ex-producer of anti-personnel landmines undertakes a journey in Bosnia Herzegovina where he is able to reckon with himself and face the ghosts of his pastscheda e trailer | Screenings: fri 29th apr 20.30 | sun 1st may 21.30


Guilt of Communism, Elisabetta Sgarbi, 86′, Italia 2015

Colpa di comunismo

Three Romanian women, caregivers: Ana, Elena, Micaela.They’ve been living in Italy for many years, but only one of them has got a job at the moment, Micaela. Ana and Elena lost their job and if they aren’t able to find another one,they will have to come back to their homelandinfo & trailer | Screening: fri 29th apr 21.30

Con il fiato sospeso, Costanza Quatriglio, 35′, Italia 2013

Con il fiato sospeso

Stella (Alba Rohrwacher) attends Pharmacy at University. For her graduation thesis she’s integrated in a research group. As the time goes by she realizes that there’s something wrong with the chemistry labs. The environment is insalubrious, somebody is getting sick, but the professors talk about coincidences. Inspired by a true story | info & trailer | Screenings: sat 30th apr 16.30 | sun 1st may 19.00

Triangle, Costanza Quatriglio, 63′, Italia 2014


Barletta, 3rd October 2011: after 100 years from the Triangle factory’s arson, in New York, five textile female workers die under a ghost knitwear factory’s ruins scheda e trailer | Screenings: fri 29h apr 9.00 | sat 30th apr 16.30 | sun 1st may 19.00


SmoKings, Michele Fornasero, 92′, Italia, Svizzera, 2014


SmoKing is like a gangster movie: there are no good guys, just small bad guys fighting big bad guys. Who’s going to win this unfair battle? David or Goliath?scheda e trailer | Screening: sat 30th apr 21.30


Klondike – Web series marathon, La Buoncostume (Carlo Bassetti, Simone Laudiero, Fabrizio Luisi, Pier Mauro Tamburini), Italia 2015


A portfolio series. A project series. A blummer series | scheda e trailer | Screening: sun 1st may 16.30