Design-ability, Otoxo Productions, Spain, 2017, 33′
Documentary o.v. Spanish and English, subtitles English

April 29th, 2018, 4.30 pm, Ridotto del Teatro Comunale di Vicenza – Italian Premiere

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La Casa de Carlota is an advertising agency like many others: it’s based in Barcelona and produces campaigns for large multinationals, as well. But a detail makes it different from its competitors: many of its artists have Down syndrome or autism. Their condition, which so many see as a flaw, lies at the heart of the company’s success. Following Odile, Joan, Quim, Carlo, and Sophie, the artists of La Casa de Carlota, we’ll discover their unique approach to life, work and creativity.

Directors’ bio-filmography

Otoxo Productions is an award-winning documentary production company, founded in 2008 and based in Barcelona. It makes films about human faces and the voices that often remain unheard behind big social issues. It consists of Katya Barton, Billy Craigan-Toon, Manal El Ouady, Harry Davies, Ieva Zellite, Gemma Praditngam, Lizzie Jenkins, Joe Langham, Joe White, Ryan Pallett, John English, Tom Garner, and Kyshia Williams.


Director, Sound, Editing and Sound Editing Otoxo Productions

Screenplay John English

Cinematography Tom Garner

Music ComposerAlex Thomas

Production Otoxo Productions

Festival (selection) The Palace, The APHA Global Public Health Festival


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