Home Exercises

Home Exercises, Sarah Friedland, USA, 2017, 22′
Hybrid Documentary and Dance Film, no dialogues

April 28th, 2018, 9 pm, Exworks – Italian Premiere


Home exercises
Home exercises

Home Exercises is a short hybrid documentary and dance film investigating the gestural habits and choreographies of aging individuals at home.

Director’s bio-filmography

Sarah Friedland (1992) is a filmmaker and choreographer from the USA who works at the intersection of moving images and moving bodies. After graduating in Modern Culture and Media at Brown University, she started her career working in NYC as an assistant, script coordinator, and researcher for filmmakers including Steve McQueen, Mike S. Ryan, Kelly Reichardt, and the team behind HBO’s Girls. She is currently an artist-in-residence at Fabrica in Treviso, Italy.


Director, Editing Sarah Friedland

Cinematography Gabe C. Elder

Sound and Sound Editing Assaf Gidron

Cast Steve Quinn, Micki Balaban, Anna Colaiace, Joyce Colaiace, George Wong, Carol Smith, Ed Rouslin, Marcia Rouslin

Producers Rachel Balaban, Sarah Friedland, Gabe C. Elder

Festival (selection) The IMAGINE Festival: Dance, Technology and the Body in Action, Cucalorus Film Festival, Athens Video Dance Project, Cine Corps Paris

Website www.motionandpictures.com

Social media Twitter @motionxpictures