Handle with care

Maneggiare con cura / Handle with care, Francesco Clerici, Italy, 2017, 78′
Documentary, o.v. Italian, subtitles English

April 29th, 2018, 7 pm, Ridotto del Teatro Comunale di Vicenza – Regional Premiere

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Handle with care
Handle with care

The film follows the restoration of a 1950s particle accelerator at the National Museum for Science and Technology of Milan. It’s a collective ritual, in which restorers, curators and ancient machine-users work to transfer a “thing” from the daily life of a laboratory, to an “object” that is put into a museum, becoming the keeper of many stories. This is the second chapter of a tetralogy about manual work as an intangible heritage, started with Hand Gestures (2015).

Director’s bio-filmography

Francesco Clerici (1983) graduated in History and Critics of Art at the Università Statale di Milano with a thesis on Buster Keaton and contemporary arts. Since 2009 he has been collaborating with the artist Velasco Vitali: the documentary Hand Gestures, which was screened at Berlinale 2015 in the section Forum, where it was presented with the Fipresci Prize, follows the process of creating one his sculptures at Fonderia Artistica Battaglia. In 2017 he shot the portrait of the artist Giancarlo Vitali: Time Out.


Director, Cinematography and Editing Francesco Clerici

Screenplay Simona Casonato, Francesco Clerici

Sound Michele Brambilla, Mattia Pontremoli, Emanuele Pullini

Sound Editing Michele Brambilla, Mattia Pontremoli, Emanuele Pullini, Massimo Mariani, Tommaso Barbaro

Music Claudio Gotti

Cast Aurelio Ascoli, Maria Baruffetti, Giulia Basilissi, Marianna Cappellina, Claudio Giorgione, Vincenzo Iannone, Marco Iezzi, Antonio and Daniele Menegaldo, Claudia Porta, Luca Reduzzi, Tommaso Rossini

Production Gaby Ramsperger, Jon Barrenechea, Francesco Clerici, in collaboration with Museo Nazionale della Scienza e della Tecnologia Leonardo da Vinci, Istituto Luce, Associazione CISE 2007, Fondazione ISEC Istituto per la storia dell’età Contemporanea, CERN

Festival International Intangible Heritage Film Festival di Jeonju, Milano Design Film Festival (MDFF)

Website http://www.museoscienza.org/maneggiareconcura/

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