Un ultimo giro

Un ultimo giro, Pietro Scarso, Italy, 2018, 10′
Video art, no dialogues

April 28th, 2018, 9 pm, Exworks – Premiere


Un ultimo giro
Un ultimo giro

Un ultimo giro (One last ride) is an audiovisual reworking of the photographic archive of th famous amusement ride company Zamperla. Those images had a technical function and were part of a production process, were not conceived with any aesthetic purpose. The beauty of those images is an unnecessary attribute, which they possess almost unknowingly. That beauty is revealed through a dreamlike flux and a hypnotic music.

Director’s bio-filmography
Pietro Scarso was born in Vicenza in 1972, where he currently lives and works as an artist, performer and videomaker. He’s one of the founders of the cultural organization CAPANNUS, a cultural workshop and an exhibition /performance space open to contemporary arts in a wider sense. His website is https://pietr0scarso.wordpress.com.

Director, Editing Pietro Scarso

Footage Archivio Zamperla

Soundtrack Nova Sui Prati Notturni