Backwards, Marco Augelli, United Kingdom, 2020, 10’
Fiction, o.v. English, Italian & English subtitles

WTFF5 – International Competition Short Films


Minus is a young man living in a dystopian corporate world. Like all his colleagues and fellow citizens, he walks backwards and uses a portable rear-view mirror to see behind him. After an unexpected meeting with his boss, he starts having weird visions. Minus needs to control his instincts in order to fit into society and climb the social ladder.

Director’s bio-filmography
Marco Augelli (1993) is a film director and editor, born in Vicenza (Italy) and based in London. He graduated in Digital Film Production from Ravensbourne University London, where Backwards was awarded as best directing and best cinematography in the class. He worked as assistant director in the documentary film Battle of Soho, with Stephen Fry and Lindsay Kemp. He also works as a researcher for Atlantic Production.


Directed by Marco Augelli
Screenplay Marco Augelli
DOP Carlos Sellmeyer
Sound Henry Kennedy
Editing Fabio Sbordone
Sound Editing Noel Ó Mhuirì, Tobia Malagutti
Music Tom Wilson Kellett
Cast Elliot Cable, Penelope Wildgoose, Syed Masood, David Fox
Production Lightbirds Pictures