Bathtub By The Sea

Fyrvaktaren / Bathtub By The Sea, Ole-André Ronneberg, Norway, 2019, 15’
Fiction, o.v. Norwegian, Italian & English subtitles

WTFF5 – International Competition Short Films


Day in, and day out Gunnar, a lighthouse keeper, is doing the same things. He drinks his coffee, fishes with his boat, and on Wednesdays and Saturdays, he is having his outdoor bath. But one day a mermaid comes in with the tides, and he must use his bathtub for her. When the bathing day comes and the bathtub is occupied it is getting complicated for Gunnar.

Director’s bio-filmography
Ole-André Rønneberg (1983) is a self-taught director. After finishing his education as a teacher he knew that it was not his path, and pursued a film career instead. He started to write, direct and produce, and has now made several short films and music videos, among which Fight By My Side (2012), Engel for the band Monsterman (2013), Maximilian (2014), and the web series Grassland (2015).


Directed by Ole-André Rønneberg
Screenplay Ole-André Rønneberg
DOP Tor Sivertstøl
Sound Lars Nikolay Riksheim
Editing Skafti Gudmundsson
Sound Design Jonas Høgseth
Music Daniel Herskedal
Cast Viggo Solum, Anne Cecilie Ukkelberg
Production Rønneberg Film, Fuglefjell AS
Distribution aug&ohr