Lacustre, Paolo Zuñiga, Mexico, 2019, 48′
Documentary, o.v. Spanish, Italian & English subtitles

WTFF5 – International Competition Feature Films


A documentary film that takes place at a lake known as Laguna de Zapotlán, in Jalisco, Mexico. An observational portrait of a landscape that is untethered from discernible chronologies and narrative arcs; it bears witness to the temporalities of land and labour while it directs our gaze and points towards an everyday life that faces the complexities of climate, ecological and industrial change within this lacustrine region.

Director’s bio-filmography
Paolo Zuñiga (1981) is a filmmaker based in San Diego, California. He studied visual arts and anthropology. His work concerns itself with the narrativizing of individual experience as it relates to themes of memory, place, and identity. His work has been exhibited in galleries and theatres such as UCLA New Wight Gallery, the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego, San Diego Latino Film Festival and San Diego Underground Film Festival.


Directed by Paolo Zuñiga
DOP Paolo Zuñiga
Sound Paolo Zuñiga
Editing Paolo Zuñiga
Music Madison Greenstone