Koffie Plagiato / Coffee Plagiato

Koffie Plagiato / Coffee Plagiato, Joost van der Wiel & Sijmen Tenwolde, The Netherlands, 2017, 7′
Documentary, o.v. Dutch, subtitles Italian

May 1st, 2018, 7 pm, Ridotto del Teatro Comunale di Vicenza – Premiere

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Koffie Plagiato
Koffie Plagiato

Paul Mooij is the owner of an antique shop, who has reinvented his business in an effort to outsmart the increasing competition and the growing economic difficulties. From De Hoeder / The Shepherd‘s director, first prize at WTFF2.

Directors’ bio-filmography

Joost van der Wiel (1983) graduated in 2010 at Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam with the documentary Soles of Ethiopia. The documentary De Hoeder / The Shepherd has been presented with awards in many international festivals, among which It’s All True Film Festival in Brazil and Gdansk Doc Film Festival.

Sijmen Tenwolde is one of the founders of Wereldgasten, a communication and media company, specialized in online and non-profit campaigns.


Directors Joost van der Wiel & Sijmen Tenwolde

Cinematography Joost van der Wiel

Editing Sijmen Tenwolde

Sound Editing Wiebe de Boer

Production Bliksmid Film, Wereldgasten

Website http://www.bliksmid.nl/ | http://www.wereldgasten.com/